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tree service expert in sault ste marieWe are pleased to provide high-quality, dedicated tree service for both residential and commercial residents across Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas. Our tree specialist service provides reliable and responsive options for the proper care of your trees as well as additional services that can be used to manage the growth of your trees as part of your land management program.

Tree surgery or arboriculture is an essential part of the maintenance and upkeep of your property's grounds and landscaping. The care and maintenance of your trees by a professional Arborist not only improves the health and appearance of your trees but is also critical for safety and prevents potential damage to nearby structures and buildings. Our company has the expertise to meet all your property's tree service needs, from a one-off piece of work to longer-term maintenance contracts. If you are not sure what arboriculture services are needed for your trees simply reach out. Our team of expert tree specialists will be pleased to provide all the advice you need.

Sault Ste. Marie property owners can work with trained tree service personnel with years of experience. It may be tempting to use the internet YouTube or Common sense' to tackle problem trees on your property. Having a go may appear to save money but mistakes can be costly to your property and threaten the safety of you and your neighbors.

Our tree surgeons and arborists take a professional approach to investigating and assessing what the trees on your land require, producing an expert management strategy for any interventions undertaken. All works are fully risk-assessed for safety of our contractors, you and the public with the proper equipment on hand to keep the risk of accidents or damage to an absolute minimum. We observe rigorous local and federal safety standards and operate within the law at all times. If you are unsure of how to undertake tree felling safely, we can provide advice on any local or state permits you will require to get the work underway.

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    About Our Tree Specialists

    As one of the foremost tree service contractors in Sault Ste. Marie, we have exceptional local knowledge and are familiar with managing most common local tree types including:
    •    Black cherry
    •    Quaking aspen
    •    Bigtooth aspen
    •    Red maple
    •    Sugar maple
    •    Northern red oak
    •    Hemlock
    among other shrubs, hedges and fruiting varieties. As we work across the Upper peninsula we are experienced in its topography and weather and environmental challenges that may affect your trees.​ ​We serve the North Shore from Algoma Mills to St. Joe’s Island.

    Learn More About Our Tree Service

    We work with major landowners, agricultural businesses and farms, public organizations, schools and residential clients of all sizes and can undertake our work in both the metropolitan and rural districts of Sault Ste. Marie.

    ​Our company offers a comprehensive tree service in your local area, delivered by expert tree specialists who are fully equipped to handle the full range of tree-related issues and problems. Not sure what you need? Get in touch - we will be happy to provide free advice and quotation on all aspects of tree surgery.

    Tree care: Keeping your trees cared for keeps them healthy and your property safe and presentable. We provide all aspects of routine tree care including tree cutting, thinning and pruning with crown reduction and the shaping and trimming of hedges.

    Lot care: Diligent landscape maintenance from our team takes the hard work out of keeping your property's grounds well maintained and orderly all year round. Cut back of overgrowth and preparing your gardens for winter are just some of the tasks we can take on.

    Deforestation: Removing large numbers of trees from your land has the ability to transform the utility and productivity of your land. We are able to undertake all aspects of this specialist form of land clearance, from felling trees to grinding down your tree stumps with root removal to leave the ground ready for landscaping. We can process your felled trees by creating firewood, lumber or woodchips for mulching and compost.

    Tree staking: These important steps are critical to get the growth of young trees established on the right path. We will expertly stake your young or newly planted trees to train and stabilize growth and prevent wind rock and root shifting.

    Tree bracing: Targeted application of support where needed, reinforces your tree limbs and trunks against adverse weather while preserving the structure shape and line of your trees. We will assess the needs of your trees and utilize the most appropriate bracing for them.

    Deep root: Fertilization treatments are the ideal choice for the nutrition and long term health of well loved trees. Our deep root treatment penetrates deep into the soil to ensure that your trees are healthy inside and out.

    Fruit tree pruning: Prepare your fruit trees for healthy new and fruitful growth, with a skilled and dedicated approach to ensure your varieties crop bountifully year on year.

    Tree topping: Do you need to address or control overgrowth or rapid growth of your tree that may become unstable. We provide tree topping and alternative tree management techniques that guide the growth and height of your tree as well as tackling limbs that could become dangerous.

    Electrical line clearing: This can be lifesaving and is urgently required when trees and bushes grow dangerously close to overhead power lines. We will assess the situation and help you coordinate with the power company to have the line shut off so we can work to cut them back safely.

    Stump grindingUnsightly and hazardous tree stumps are at best a nuisance. Get rid of them for good using a variety of our tried and tested techniques to get rid of all traces of that old stump and attendant roots.

    Tree planting: We can source and plant high-quality stock to create a landscape feature, start an orchard or replenish existing wooded areas. We will not only plant your designated area but monitor and oversee the growth until the young trees are fully established.

    Tree transplanting: Moving your prized tree or shrub may be necessary as part of property refurbishment or landscaping. We can move your plant safely and responsibly, minimizing the risk of transplant shock.

    Have your trees suffered storm damage or do you have a dangerous tree on your land?
    In addition to our regular tree service we are available 24/7 to undertake emergency call out work including handling storm damage clean-up, making sure that dangerous trees are dealt with promptly and the urgent felling of hazardous trees which could be a public danger if left unchecked. Don't let a dangerous or hazardous tree wait. It could fall on you or someone else. Also poisonous trees such as hemlock or yew as well as thorny trees like black locust are a major hazard for children, animals and pets and may need to come down urgently. Storm damage or a dangerous tree can be one unexpected cost too many these days. If you need assistance, contact us and we will do out best to complete your work for the best price possible. Contact us to arrange a prompt visit to your property to make the situation safe as quickly as possible.

    Contact Our Tree Specialists Now

    Our focus is always delivering the very best work and no job is complete until you are fully satisfied. To have our teamwork on your trees simply contact us with your requirements and our helpful team will arrange a free visit to your property to take a look at your trees. We always provide clear comprehensive quotation and complete all work on time and on budget.

    Do you need ongoing maintenance for your trees? If so, ask us about arranging maintenance contract to ensure the optimal care of your trees. Each and every season has its own effects on the growth and condition of your trees. We keep a close eye on your trees with timely pruning, removal of dead and dangerous limbs and vigilance for disease with prompt action taken where found. If you have a fast-growing variety like cedar, retaining our services will keep the growth of your trees under control, so that you can enjoy your land optimally.
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