Sault Ste. Marie Tree Pruning​​ By Tree Surgeons

Sault Ste. Marie residents who have trees of all kinds on their property can take advantage of our reliable tree pruning service. We go on our rounds across the neighborhoods on regular tree pruning rounds to ensure that the trees and woody shrubs and hedges of our clients are well maintained. It can be easy to overlook but tree pruning is a key part of taking care of your trees. Book our tree pruning services and enjoy the following benefits:

1) Maintain the health of your trees  - prompt removal of dead or diseased branches by pruning prevents the ingress of disease and decay.

2) Shape and train a fast-growing young tree - enjoy trees growing in the way you would like with a thoughtful and considered pruning regimen.

3)A well-pruned tree is a beauty to behold - prune off unsightly overgrowth and correct a misshapen outline to enhance not only your tree but your wider grounds and property.

4) Let the light in - Pruning dense tree cover will break up heavy foliage and allow sunlight to reach lower plants that are near to the pruned tree.

5)Minimize risks - keeping a tree well pruned keeps its growth resilient against storms and strong winds that can break off branches which can be a hazard. Also, prune with us to reduce the risk of damage to buildings and proximity to power lines.

The best time to prune your trees is between late fall and just before spring becomes established so that you can enjoy the best of your tree through the spring and summer months.

Contact our helpful team by phone or email to schedule your annual pruning. If you have any specific or specialist needs like fruit tree pruning or the training and pruning of young trees. We will come over to your property and see what needs to be done, provide a clear quote and if agreed commence and complete your work promptly.


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