Sault Ste. Marie Stump Grinding & Removal

stump grinding by our tree expertsDon't let that old tree stump become a nuisance on your grounds.
A tree stump can be a real hassle if left on grounds you want to use for recreation or other activities. Not only can it be a trip hazard or damage your lawnmower, but a left-over tree stump may also as well just decide to grow again if living. Leave it, and you may see suckers arise from the retained stump and roots. In addition, a leftover stump can harbor fungus and root diseases that could spread to other plants. For these reasons and more it is well worth call our tree service professionals to make a thorough job of removing your tree stump.

Efficient and effective Sault Ste. Marie stump grinding for residential and commercial property. 
We have the best equipment and techniques for safe and efficient stump grinding. We will patiently and persistently grind down your stump until there is nothing left but chippings for mulch. We will also ensure that all the associated roots are removed meaning the area can be lawned or developed in any way you desire. Powerful grinding machinery is on hand to make short work of even the largest and most stubborn stumps, making a call to us well worth the money.

Call us to arrange your tree stump removal from our expert tradesmen.
With personable and experienced local service and competitive pricing, there has never been a better time to tackle that stump! Give our team of expert tree surgeons a call to schedule your stump removal today.


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