Sault Ste. Marie Emergency Tree Removal 24/7

take care of falling tree emergency on the road blockFast and responsive emergency tree service from your local Arborists in Sault Ste. Marie.

Having a tree on your property that has broken or damaged limbs or needs to come down urgently is a major worry. The risks of injury are real with anything from bruising or scratches to fatalities possible. You cannot let the matter wait as you are likely to bear liability for any injuries sustained on your property. If you are unsure about the condition of your tree it is best to contact experts like us promptly. We are able to recognize the signs of major tree risk and will move quickly to secure the area and advise you on how the tree can be safely brought down and removed.

Damages tree - does it need to come down?
It is important to remember that a completely safe tree does not exist. We undertake a professional assessment of your tree for risk, based on our knowledge and experience. We look for signs such as:
• previous branch falls
• recent heavy pruning or topping
• large branches that are dead
• cavities within the tree
• rotting wood seen in the trunk or branches
• presence of fungal growths
• leaning trunk
• recent groundwork and changes to the nearby soil like landscaping or construction nearby.

Storm damage, make sure your grounds are safe.
If your land, grounds, and property have been affected by a major storm, frost or other adverse weather, you need to get out and check your property of tree damage. Call us and we can do this for you. We will assess your tree stock for cracks, broken limbs or branch unions and root problems that may point to a tree that is likely to fall. We can then take steps to isolate, fell and remove the offending tree urgently.

Growth near power lines can kill - take action now!
Have you noticed the growth of your property's trees or hedges encroaching on a power line? If so you need to take immediate action! Such trees are a major fire hazard and can even cause outages and electrocution of people standing nearby due to arcing. Call the power company then call us. We will work with you to take down a hazardous tree after having the line temporarily shut off.

We are available 24/7/365 for emergency tree service.
Call us today to arrange a prompt call out to your property to assess your needs and take the necessary action to make your trees safe.


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